In a planet far from ours, Alien Bears live together in peace. Between two planets that shouldn’t have had any connections with one another, one fateful space adventure in a stolen UFO landed Alien Bear and his two friends Alien Bear Angel and Alien Bear Devil on our planet Earth. What’s worse, they landed in the unlikely confines of a prize claw machine with no way of escape but by the divine claw. It’s time to be kinderstruck and unleash your godly clawing powers to rescue these lovable bears from their doom! Alien Bears are sure to reward you handsomely for your godly efforts, but time is ticking, so hurry up and save them before they lose their patience!
Real life prizes up for grabs! (Limited time only)
Emulates the thrill and anticipation of actual prize-catcher machines!
Over 50 cheeky, animated bears
Special in-game events and JACKPOT minigame
Realistic physics and cute 3D animations to enhance your experience!


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