how to play
“Sign Up” and enter some basic details for our convenience in the case you win a prize. Once signed up, you will be led through a short tutorial.Start by touching and moving the joystick at bottom of the screen. To lower the claw, release the joystick.
Once the clawing screen appears, there will be prompts for different inputs, follow these prompts to successfully claw the bear. Additionally, there is a “Jackpot” bar at the top of the game screen that fills up as you successfully claw bears, once the bar is full, a special Jackpot event will occur.
If you are successful in the Jackpot game, you will receive special in-game rewards PLUS a chance to win actual, real life prizes! Complete missions to receive additional coin bonuses. Check on your collection of prizes at any time and trade in sets of bears for more playing coins!
Better claws and bigger cabinets that allow for additional bear characters are available for purchase via the “Upgrade” function. Coins are not only available as bonuses; they also regenerate over time and are available for purchase at the in-game “Shop”
But wait, there's more! Watch out for special bears such as Angel and Devil alien bears and see what surprises they bring you!
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